5 truths about cats drinking water, and 3 ways to make cats fall in love with drinking water

5 truths about cats drinking water, and 3 ways to make cats fall in love with drinking water
  1. The ancestors of cats came from desert, so they don’t like drinking water by nature.
  2. Most of the daily water required is supplemented by the water content of the prey itself
  3. For a 1kg cat, the water needed per day is 40~60cc. For a 5kg cat, 200~300cc of water is needed, which is about a mug. It is almost impossible to achieve this by only actively drinking.
  4. If the cat suddenly drinks a lot more water than usual and urinates more, it may have a kidney problem. It is recommended to see a doctor immediately.
  5. Cats like clean water, and their drinking habits are different from where they eat. Therefore, it is recommended not to put it next to the food bowl (in accordance with nature, and to avoid food falling into the water to contaminate the water), and never next to the litter box (who wants to drink water by the toilet!)

[Drinking water tips 1] Wet food (canned cat food, fresh food), most recommended

The moisture content of dry feed is about 10% or less, and it is almost impossible to obtain moisture from it. Cats can only take the initiative to drink water to get what they need. Canned food and fresh food for cats are above 65%, which is similar to the moisture content of prey, 100g per can For the tanks, there is 65cc of water, which directly reduces the need for many active drinking water. You can also add more water to it to increase moisture.

Suggested way:

Eat wet food directly: at least one meal a day
Add some more water to: cans, fresh food, mashed meat
Soak dry feed in water: soak the feed completely before eating. If it is not soaked, it will be difficult to digest, which will cause a heavy burden on the digestive system, which is not good.


Adding too much water can make the cat feel full, so please use it accordingly.
Generally, water contains bacteria. If you want to add water, please add it to the food when you want to feed it. Please refrigerate it after adding it to the can (unless it is cooked together).

[Drinking water tips 2] Use the cat automatic drinking fountain

The super popular way now not only filters the water quality, but also keeps the water clean continuously. The feeling of flow can also arouse the cat’s interest and increase the chance of active drinking. However, some cats only play and do not become fond of drinking water; or they may only drink certain brands of water (it may be related to whether the container has reflections).

[Drinking water tip 3] Put water bowls in multiple places at home

There is a way for cats to drink water wherever they go, which increases the chance of taking the initiative to drink water. But remember to change the water frequently. They don't want to drink dirty water.

[Drinking water tip 4] Try to find a drinking container that cats like

Many cat owners like to drink the water from our mugs, and some like large-caliber containers, such as fish tanks. Basically, cats like large-caliber water bowls and food utensils (only cat owners who love clean do not allow their faces to be soiled), carefully observe their preferences and use them as water bowls to increase the chance of taking the initiative to drink water.

[Drinking water tip 5] forcing cats to drink water as the last resort

This is the most, most, least, least recommended method, because it is very likely to make cats choke outside and cause their disgust, and it is quite difficult to rely on irrigation to achieve the daily water requirement, after all, a 3cc or 5cc syringe already makes them feel unbeautiful...
Combining the above methods, Miaobian recommends the use of a multi-pronged approach of "wet food" + "improved drinking container settings" to allow cats to drink the required water and reduce urinary tract and kidney disease problems that are easily caused by nature. After all, the effort required to care for illness is much higher than that of pre-prevention, which requires a lot of attention. Let us work together so that cat owners can drink the water they need!