Benefits of raising a dog

Benefits of raising a dog
Many people dream of having a dog to accompany each other and walk the road of life together.
Especially in the current epidemic era, people have maintained social distance for a long time, and keeping pets allows people to feel the warm companionship under the heavy epidemic prevention measures, which has led to a great increase in the willingness of the people to adopt dogs.

Key Benefits

Scientific research shows that keeping a dog can bring many benefits to the owner:
  1. Help alleviate social isolation. Going out regularly to walk the dog can increase the chance of interacting with people, and thus have a better connection with the society.
  1. Improve the effectiveness of depression treatment. Allowing cute pets to intervene in the treatment of depression can enhance the patient's sense of responsibility, encourage patients to go out of the house and take the dog out for a walk, which greatly improves the effectiveness of the treatment of depression.
  1. Improve the cognitive function of the brain. Many medical studies in Europe and the United States have pointed out that caring for pets can improve the cognitive function of the brain of most mature elders.
  1. Can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the world’s largest scientific journal "Scientific Reports", Sweden conducted a 12-year study of 3.4 million 40-80-year-old adults. The results showed that dog owners are at risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality. They are lower than those who don’t keep dogs. The main reason is that dog owners have a lot of activity. People’s heartbeat is slower when talking with pets, which helps lower blood pressure. Adopting puppies will also encourage owners to change their living habits and reduce stress. , And stress is the main cause of cardiovascular disease.

Growing up with your dog

There are too many benefits of raising a dog, but before adopting a dog, please be sure to have a full understanding of the matter of raising a dog, do not abandon the adoption, and be a responsible owner.
Keeping a dog is a lifetime thing, it is a few years in your life, but you are a dog's life. As a conscientious dog owner, you need to know more about correct parenting concepts.
In the first few months after the puppies are born, their physiology and behavior will undergo tremendous changes.
This is a very meaningful time for the owner. Ensuring that the pet can obtain balanced nutrition through food is very important for the healthy growth of the dog.