99% of people have the cat bowl set up wrong? Improve your cat's digestion by setting the bowl correctly!

99% of people have the cat bowl set up wrong? Improve your cat's digestion by setting the bowl correctly!
For cats, the selection and placement of cat bowls are very particular. Getting it wrong hugely affects the appetite of cats, even causing digestion problems in the long run.
However, you may not believe it, more than 99% of cat owners set the cat bowls wrong!

The material and size

In terms of material, no plastic!
Because plastic is not resistant to high temperatures, there will be scratches on the surface after a long time, some food residues will get stuck in the gap, and bacteria will grow after a long time.
Moreover, plastic food bowls are prone to residual grease, which makes it easier for cats to have "black chins."
The correct choice is: high-temperature glass, stainless steel or ceramic bowls.
In addition to the material, the size of the cat bowl is also very important. It is best to be big and round. No kidding, most cats really like large bowls.
Because cat’s beard is very sensitive, if the cat bowl is too small, the beard will always touch the bowl when eating, the cat will be tense and nervous. Over time, it will produce "whisker fatigue", which makes the cat reluctant to eat.

Putting water bowls and food bowls together?

Choosing the right bowl is only the first step. If you put it in the wrong place, the best bowl will be the wrong one.
This is probably the biggest myth. If you put the food bowl and water bowl together, the water can be easily contaminated, and kittens who like to be clean will not drink it.
The correct approach should be:
Separate the eating and drinking bowls, and keep them farther apart.

Putting bowls next to litter box?

Many are accustomed to putting everything of the cat together. The litter box is next to the food bowl and water bowl. If it is placed in this way, the food and water can be easily contaminated. Not to mention whether there is any smell, just eating by the toilet, not for human, not for cats either.
The correct approach is:
Cat bowls must be far away from the cat litter box, and put them in different rooms if possible!

Having only 1 Water bowl is enough?

Cats drink less water, possibly because there are not enough water bowls.
Be sure to put a few more water bowls, and they should be scattered around the house. Studies have shown that this is one of the most effective ways to make cats drink more water.
The correct approach is have multiple water bowls, and replace the water if it is dirty.

Placing bowls against the wall?

Many place the cat bowl against the wall, probably to save space.
However, this will prevent some cats from eating and drinking in their favorite positions, and being unable to observe the surrounding environment, making them prone to anxiety.
Some cats will use their paws to push the bowl, plan the bowl, and even drink with their paws because they are placed in the wrong place.
The correct approach is:
The food bowl and water bowl should be about 10 cm away from the wall.

Placing bowls of all cats all together?

The picture of all your cats sitting in rows and eating together looks lovely and warm? That's what you think, cats don't necessarily think so.
When you have multiple cats, and the bowls are too close to each other, this often makes the low-status cats emotionally nervous. This makes cats with bad relationships wary of each other, especially in terms of fearing the food will be taken by others.
The correct approach is:
Separate the cat bowls to allow the cats to increase their dining distance!

How often do you wash the bowl?

Some do not wash the dishes well, or the food in the bowl is left for a long time, and the food spoils to breed bacteria. According to research, pet bowls are more than a thousand times more dirty than toilets...
The correct approach is:
Wash the cat bowl with hot water after each feeding, and then air dry everytime!