How to choose a cat carrier?

How to choose a cat carrier?
Although most cats like to stay at home, there are always a few days each year when they need to go out. Whether it is for routine physical examinations, vaccination, medical consultation, or a trip to be entrusted to a friend to take care of them, they will be taken out of the house. 
Some cats with more introverted personalities may have a high stress index on the road because they are afraid of unfamiliar environments. If it happens to be to the veterinary hospital, it is easy for the cat to link the pressure along the way to the outing and the veterinary hospital. From then on, as soon as I saw the cage, I hid away, and when I saw the vet, I grabbed and bitten.
In order to save the trouble of packing cats in the future, Banmao today specially compiled some tips for letting cats go out with peace of mind, and a basic guide on how to buy out cages. I hope that all cat friends will make the cat’s journey out more smoothly after reading.

Why don't cats like to go out?

The nature of cats is that they recognize sites more than people, and prefer to stay in their own nests rather than going for a walk. In addition, the ability of cats to integrate into human society is not as good as dogs. It is often that humans accommodate cats' lives, rather than cats accommodate humans.
So stepping out of the house and coming into contact with unfamiliar environments will make them very stressed. In addition, they may encounter strangers, strange cats, and strange dogs on the road, which will increase the cat's stress response. Therefore, creating a sense of stability and familiarity will be the key to reducing the stress of cats going out.

Use familiar scents to put your cats into the cage

Odor is an important indicator used by cats to determine whether the environment is safe. In a space with its own odor, cats are usually more at ease. Therefore, when you are going to take the cat out, you can put some blankets or things that smell like him in the cat cage, and let him think that it is safe to go out of the cage in terms of smell.

Make the cage as a safe haven

If you always take out the cage when you have to go out, then hurriedly stuff the cat in, then raise the door, and then inexplicably get a needle in one place. From a cat's point of view, it looks more like a torture tool than a cat cage. Of course, as soon as I see you take it out, I will hide quickly.
In order to avoid the situation that cats can run away when they see the cage, it is recommended to open the outing cage in the corner where the cat will move, and put a small blanket inside, so that the cat can hide it as a small box that can hide.
In addition to letting the cat smell inside, it also allows the cat to get used to staying in the cage. In this way, in an unfamiliar environment, going out of the cage will become a small space where the cat thinks it is safe to hide. In addition to the fact that the cat will be more stable, it is also less likely to get out of the cage and run out of sight.

How to choose the cat's going out carrier?

Going out of the cage should be the same as the litter box, which is the basic equipment for raising cats. It is recommended that if you don’t have one at home, you should prepare one as soon as possible, so as not to find anything to install when you have to take your cat out in an emergency. Here to help you prepare some precautions when choosing to go out.

The carrier must adhere to the one cat one carrier principle.

Take the cat to the doctor. If you are a multi-cat family, it is best to take it in batches. Adhere to the one cat one cage principle to prevent sick cats from infecting each other. In addition to health issues, some cats have a safe social distancing, and they cannot maintain a distance between the cats in the cage. Coupled with the stress state in an unfamiliar environment, it is easy for two cats to fight each other and bite. So if you are a multi-cat family, what you need is not a bigger cage, but more cages.

The size of the carrier?

Going out of the cage is not the bigger the better, because the cage that is too large will easily cause cats to collide. The board cat has seen cats that go out of a large cage, because the cage is placed on the pedals of the motorcycle, and it shakes all the way to the hospital. The cat's nose is bleed because of bumps.
The size of the cat cage, as long as it is high enough for the cat to stand on the ground with all four feet, there is enough space to turn around, sit down, and lie down in the cage. No matter how big it is, it will increase the transportation risk. In other words, going out of the cage actually needs to update with the cat's body shape at the stage of failure. The size of kittens and adult cats should be different.

Convenience of getting your cats out of the carrier

The most common use of going out of the cage is to take the cat to see a doctor, so in order to facilitate the doctor to take out the cat for consultation, it is best to choose a design with an upper opening. In order to avoid the troublesome situation where the cat keeps huddling in the cage and refuses to come out, in addition to saving time, it can buy a lot of golden time in emergency situations.

The sterilization of the carrier

Because the cat is likely to poop or pee in the cage when going out, and if it is to see the doctor, it is unlikely that there will be bacteria in the cat when it is sick. Water-washable and alcohol-sterilizable materials are absolutely necessary. Those who are gorgeous and over-decorated out of the cage often have difficulty cleaning them. Therefore, when choosing a style, it is easy to choose a style, which can be removed, washed, and dried. It will be more comfortable to use in the future.

The firmness of the cat cage

When going out, the cage usually has a lot of fixed "tenons". When buying, check whether these fixing parts are strong. Make sure that you can repeat the switch without getting tired, so that the cat will fall apart when a nervous collision.
There may be many unexpected situations when you are away. In addition to the cat colliding from the inside, make sure that you accidentally bump and bump the cage so as not to disperse it. Once a cat gets lost outdoors, it is very troublesome and dangerous. In order to avoid accidents, it is safer to check it a few times when buying it.