Must know cat superfood

Must know cat superfood

What are super foods?

Super Food is actually not a formal term (not certified).

But it is said that certain food surpasses the nutritional value of others for cats.

It refers to a food that has high nutritional value and can have a positive impact on health, or that some special effects can improve specific diseases or even reverse the condition.
Does it sound amazing? Eating one kind of food can have high nutritional value, which is really important for modern people, because we all pay attention to efficiency!! Some people think that this is just derived from increasing the public desire It’s just a consumption strategy.
Although the name of superfoods has not been rectified, the richness of nutrients is unquestionable by experts. So, what are the superfoods for cats?

Cat superfoods for making cats' food at home

Let everyone know that the purpose of these super foods is to let the slaves who make fresh food have a better direction of choosing ingredients. At least these foods are very helpful to the health of cats.
But it's not to encourage people to buy only these foods, and it's not to make people feel that other foods don't have enough nutritional value, because it is still necessary to eat a balanced diet.
  1. Dandelion

The leaves and roots of dandelion can alleviate cats’ allergies and help digestion, a good liver protection for cats.
The liver is an important organ for detoxification. The tinctures contained in dandelion noodles can strengthen the body's detoxification mechanism and effectively remove toxins from the body.
It can usually be obtained on the roadside, but it should be noted that there is no pesticide (unattended). The whole plant is uprooted, washed with water and chopped, and a small amount (not more than 1/8 teaspoon) is sprinkled in the food. 
Another way is to bake it in the oven at low temperature and put it in an airtight tin, which can be stored for a longer time~
  1. Barley grass, wheat grass

Cats who are used to licking their fur can cause cats to vomit hair, especially in the moulting season (spring, autumn) or long-haired cats.
Of course, vomiting hair is a phenomenon of natural hair removal, but some cats who have not vomited hair for a long time may cause accumulation in the body. After a long time, accidents may occur, and surgery may even be required. Therefore, the issue of hair removal is actually important.
Commercial hair cream contains many bad substances (see the hair removal function discussed in this article for details), so natural wheatgrass can actually promote the cat's gastrointestinal motility and help hair removal.
Most cats naturally like to bite plants, so you can buy seeds and grow them at home. It is good to give cats fresh big and wheatgrass at the right time!
  1. Quinoa

Quinoa, which is also a super food for humans, contains high protein. Although it is a plant, it contains complete protein (comparable to meat and milk). It is also a protein food suitable for a few cats!
If you are used to making homemade fresh food for cats, you can actually prepare a portion of quinoa for yourself at the same time (do not season your cats).
Because quinoa is rich in dietary fiber for people, it can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase satiety, and even have cardiovascular benefits!
  1. Cranberry

It has a great effect on the cat's urinary tract. It can prevent repeated urinary tract infections and maintain kidney health.
There are many cat urinary tract health foods on the market, many of which contain cranberries, or products such as cranberry powder and cranberry tablets, but you still need to pay attention to whether the ingredients are natural or not. It is best to advertise that it is organic.
  1. Lean Meat

Including beef, muscle, pork, goose and even rabbit meat, etc., as long as there is no visible fat, it can increase the protein intake of the cat's diet. The iron and vitamin B in lean meat also help the body's metabolism.
Cats are carnivores, so when making cat food, don’t overlook the importance of lean meat!
  1. Original Yogurt (yogurt)

Choosing yogurt with no added sugars can provide cats with rich protein, calcium and probiotics.
You can also choose to make homemade yogurt. If you don’t have time, you must pay attention to the ingredients when buying, because people usually add sugar or other ingredients (such as juice) to add flavor to the yogurt that people eat.
  1. Fish

However, not all fish are suitable for cats !

Edible fish

  • Oily fish
Salmon (including saltwater fish and freshwater fish)
Contains Omega-3, which is helpful to the heart and immune system. Rich in oils also help cat's hair shine and shine.
Herring (blueback fish)
Rich in Omega-3 (an unsaturated fatty acid), among which DHA and EPA can prevent high blood pressure. Sardines and mackerel are both herring fish~
*But remember not to eat only blue fish because the cat's body needs to consume a lot of vitamin E when it breaks down unsaturated fatty acids. If vitamin E is insufficient, it will become yellow fat disease (Yellow Fat Disease)!

Inedible fish

  • Marine fish, deep-sea fish
Even without seasoning, the salt content is still high (saltwater fish). When choosing fish, you should also pay attention to whether they are polluted. Marine fish may be polluted by heavy metals and methylmercury.
Cats are not interested in other foods because they are delicious and addictive fish. At the same time, it is also a species at the higher level of the food chain, and it is easy to accumulate heavy metals.
*Remember that uncooked raw fish is not suitable for feeding cats, because raw fish contains thiaminase which will destroy vitamin B1 in the body, causing the food to not be effectively absorbed. The best way to cook fish is steamed or boiled. After cooking, remove the calcaneal bones and do not add seasonings.
  1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins B, C, carotenoids and potassium ions. It has the function of removing hair and promotes gastrointestinal motility. It is a good natural hair-reducing cream.
Usually it is made by steaming, peeling and steaming the pumpkin, and then pounding it into pumpkin puree. Olive oil can be added (to help depilate hair, promote appetite, and make hair brighter). In addition, do not add seasonings, just give it directly The cat ate it!
*Don't use too much olive oil. Take cats of 6 or 7 kg as an example, 1~2ml a week is enough.
*Remember that cats are carnivores after all, so don't feed the pumpkin too much, otherwise you will have diarrhea!

What is partner food?

Besides, superfood, there're also partner food. They belong to the same category as super foods and has similar nutrition. It is usually paired or eaten interactively.


Soft-shelled turtle egg's partner food. Although soft-shelled turtle eggs have higher nutritional value, they are not easy to obtain. At this time, high-protein eggs are a good substitute.
Remember that cats can eat raw egg yolk (the cat’s stomach is very sour, so don’t worry about Salmonella), but the egg white must be cooked, because the egg white contains avidin, and eating raw will destroy the biotin in the cat’s body.

Sweet Potato

Pumpkin's partner food. It also has the effect of arranging hair and is rich in dietary fiber, so that many owners can prepare one for themselves while making fresh cat food to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and make daily bowel movements smooth! The cooking method is the same as that of pumpkin.

Chia seeds

Quinoa's partner food. It also contains intact protein (content 20%), and contains vitamins B, D and E, antioxidants (three times that of blueberries), amino acids and Omega-3 (seven times that of salmon), does not contain wheat gluten, and is not easy to cause allergies .


Cranberry's partner food, similar to cranberry, is also rich in vitamin C and has antioxidant properties. Can strengthen the immune system, cats with cancer, asthma, heart disease can eat more, it will improve!

Are there any side effects of superfoods?

It is better not to rely too much on a single food, because cats also need a balanced diet. Supplementing a single nutrient can easily cause uneven nutrition.
Especially for homemade fresh food, you prepare your own ingredients. One ingredient may only have one nutrient. Therefore, you must know more about the nutritional needs of cats (unlike the staple food tank, which has various nutrients, just open it for feeding), so that it will not cause malnutrition.