Must-Know for novice cat owners! 8 "essential cat supplies" and precautions for raising cats

Must-Know for novice cat owners! 8

Essential cat supplies

  • Utensils and water cups: ceramic and glass products are recommended; the water cup should not be transparent or reflective
  • Cat food: Wet food is a must, because cats are most likely to have urinary tract & kidney problems due to insufficient water intake
  • Cat litter and cat litter box: For the first time, it is recommended to buy a large, open cat litter box + unscented mineral sand (unless the cat uses another kind before, you can continue to use it~)
  • Cat scratching board: cheap scratching board made of corrugated paper, which is generally accepted, so it is recommended to buy this one first
  • Cleaning supplies: Nail clippers are safe, and grooming appliances have different personalities for each cat. Try it out. For brushing appliances, you can first use your hands to wrap gauze to train and clean (or you can buy various appliances to try...)
  • Cat toys: The basic feather cat stick is a cheap and practical good thing. In addition, it is not recommended to buy laser products (laser pens and the like) for cats to play with
  • Going out of the cage: sturdy, hard, not easy to break through the cage for cats to go out
  • Cat Jumping Platform: Essential for Multi-Cat Family
  • Make your home a safe environment for cats: super important! ! !

Optional items for raising cats

  • Cat sleeping nest: high-end and expensive brand sleeping nest may not be as good as a carton...
  • Deodorant spray for pets: spray furniture to deodorize when you urinate and defecate, and some can also spray cat litter
  • Other special cleaning products: local cleaners (good for feet that step on poop!), bath towels, absorbent towels, ear wash
  • Cat placemat: some cats will bite on the ground and use it to eat, or prevent splashing and wetting the floor when drinking water
  • Litter pads: Patented ones are easier to use, you can buy longer ones, because many cats will burst out of the cat litter
  • Health food: It can be decided after discussing with the doctor, that the hair products will be needed~

8 must-have stuff for raising cats

Utensils and cups

It is recommended to use ceramic products, which are relatively safe and non-toxic, and are not easy to breed bacteria and peculiar smells. They can also be heated and refrigerated in microwave or water, which is cheap, practical and convenient! Stainless steel is also a good choice, but it can't be microwaved directly. It will be slightly troublesome if it can only be heated by water. Please do not use plastic products, which are easy to breed bacteria and increase the problem of cat chin acne proliferation. In addition, try to choose a single-portion bowl, because many cats accidentally put food in the water when eating, and then stop drinking... Separating food and drinking water is a more recommended way. In addition, please do not put water and food too close to the cat litter, no one likes to eat next to the toilet.

Cat food

For dry feed and wet food (canned staple food, fresh food, raw food, etc.), there is currently no 100% perfect diet recommendation. However, cats do not like to drink water by nature, which can easily cause kidney and urinary system problems. Therefore, dry feed + wet food is recommended. Increase the amount of water the cat drinks. After all, the amount of water a cat needs in a day is approximately: 1kg body weight X 60ml of water. For a general adult cat with a weight of 4~5kg, 240~300ml of water (a mug) is needed a day. It may be a little difficult to lure cats to drink by a running water machine. And wet food has high water content and low calories, which can more supplement the required water without being too fat! Also remember, don’t buy too much of all cat food at once, lest the cat won’t eat it... Believe me, this is a painful experience for many people.

Cat litter & cat litter box

You must let your cat use cat litter so that you can observe the host's urinary and defecation status every day, and detect whether there is any abnormality in the body (cats are very painful mazes). Never train cats to go to the toilet or wash the toilet. There are many types of cat litter, which are roughly divided into disintegration type & condensation type. If it is a disintegration type cat litter, a double-layer cat litter box should be used; for a condensed type cat litter, a single-layer cat litter box should be used. Please choose a large enough litter box that is easy to clean. In addition, please remember that many cats are unwilling to go to the "lid" litter box to go to the toilet, so novice cats are recommended to buy the cheapest (usually their favorite) large open litter box + mineral sand.
In addition, we do not recommend open litter boxes and litter cabinets, two forms of litter boxes, because this design will make the cat prone to stress, causing long-term chronic stress, and causing many problems.


Wait for the cat owner to replace it with furniture if you are not ready! This is a cruel, but bloody and tearful fact. Cats naturally need mopeds as an important need to vent their emotions, mark smells, and renew their nails. (Never let cats undergo de-claw surgery, it will make them life-long pain!! !), but different cats like different scratcher materials, it is recommended to buy one or two kinds of cheap scratcher to test the water temperature! The scratching paper-style scratching board seems quite popular with most cats~

Cleaning supplies: nail clippers, hair combs, tooth brushing utensils

Fix nails every week to avoid accidental scratches; fixed combing can reduce cat hair flying in the sky and maintain shiny and dazzling hair; brushing teeth every day (or 2 to 3 times a week) can reduce stomatitis occur. Cats really need to brush their teeth! Otherwise it is easy to get calculus, stomatitis, and even tooth extraction, so please take good care of the health of your teeth. But brushing needs to be practiced slowly. Do not brush hard. It will be more likely to cause stress on the cat. Long-term chronic pressure may also cause Weak immunity can cause other health problems, so please take your time step by step.

Cat toy

Regardless of kittens or adult cats, it is important to play and hunt with a fixed companion every day! This can help build the confidence of the masters, increase the amount of exercise, and vent their energy, not only can have a good interaction, but also can try to avoid the night owls noisy in the middle of the night to vent their excess physical strength and noisy you! Funny Cat Stick recommends choosing a style with a smaller prey size, which cats will prefer (please close your eyes and think about the size of the mice, birds, and insects they attack). The kitten’s minion suggests buying more stuffed toys that allow them to bite as a transfer item for the kitten to bite.

Going out Cage

Please be sure to choose a cat-specific go-out cage to ensure that the cat cannot escape when moving with the cat. Many dog cages and soft plastic top-opening cages that are advertised as cats are quickly broken by meows. Be careful... It is recommended to buy general hard-shell Tyrones with top-opening function styles. , Not only can it be easy to put the master in/out, it can usually be placed at home, covered with towels and cushions as a cat litter, so that the cat can get used to it, and even like him, and then when you want to take the cat out, you will not chase me Run, put the master in the go-out cage...

Cat jumping platform

A must for multi-cat families! A must for multi-cat families! A must for multi-cat families! It's important so I say it three times. Cats need a large patrol range. Generally, the horizontal environment of the home is more difficult to meet their needs. However, adding a cat jumping platform can create a vertical environment, which immediately enlarges the home several times. More importantly, multi-cat families need to create a space environment where cats can avoid meeting, and cat jumping can meet this demand, so it is definitely a key item for the harmonious life of multi-cat families. Please choose a stable (5kg adult cat weight is common) & at least 160 cm high platform to really create a three-dimensional space.