Must-know & Must-have before raising a dog

Must-know & Must-have before raising a dog
This article is dedicated to: novice furbabies parents who have not raised a dog before, are considering raising a dog, or don’t know what to prepare!

Self-assessment before keeping a dog!

Most people who keep dogs start with puppies.
Don’t keep dogs just because they’re cute and hot.
You need to assess whether you have the space for the dog to grow, and whether you have time every day or often. Take it out for a walk, etc., and raising a dog also requires a certain amount of financial ability, and there may be a period of time before the dog learns the rules to help poop and pee, or the dog will bark uncontrollably and other issues. Whether you can bear and patiently teach and correct is a question that the master needs to think carefully

"Must-have" for novice dog owners

  1. Fence or cage

It is very important for a dog who has just arrived home to come to a new environment and give him a space of his own! It can make the dog feel safe and comfortable, just like our home can rest and sleep in it, the same is true for the dog, and giving the dog a safe environment is also very important for future training!
  1. Pet toothbrushes / dental bones

Dogs’ teeth are very important. It is recommended that you make your dog accustomed to brushing teeth with a dental cleaning bone or a dental cleaning toy after meals. Maintain good oral hygiene so that it will not cause the dog’s dental calculus. Dogs are a big risk!
  1. Hair Comb

Grooming the dog’s hair is also very important. Grooming can help the dog’s skin to secrete natural oils, prevent hair knotting, reduce hair loss, find the dog’s skin diseases, and also make the dog’s hair more beautiful. Help them to comb out the dust and dirt on their bodies and contribute to the sanitation of the home environment
  1. Toys

Dog toys are like hemp rope, puppet toys, frisbee, especially when the dog is changing teeth, he may want to bite something. It is also important to choose bite-resistant and safe toys. Playing with molar toys can also relieve the dog’s boredom. , Loneliness, anxiety, and stressful emotions, because it can relieve bad emotions and improve the efficiency of cage training

Bonus Question: Why do we need to ligate the dog?

As many dogs get older, their physical ailments are also increasing. The common disease is malignant tumors, but in fact, these can be greatly avoided. That is to let the dogs have to " Ligation", and the two most important benefits are:
  1. Prevent the occurrence of diseases: The biggest benefit of ligation is that it can reduce prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer in "male dogs", and it can also prevent breast tumors, pyometra, and other diseases of "female dogs". This is also necessary The most important reason for ligation of dogs!
  1. Improve behavioral problems: Before ligation, under the influence of hormones, dogs often have headaches such as messy urination, excessive territoriality, aggressive behavior, irritable temperament, etc. However, after the ligation, the cause is less With the interference of hormones, the temperament of the dog will become stable for the family.