My cats have bad breath?

My cats have bad breath?

Symptoms that often come with bad breath


This is usually the case with a certain degree of infection. Oral ulcers, gum disease, stomatitis, etc. are all possible.
Solution: At this time, you need to quickly clean and go to a professional doctor to wash your teeth

Teeth in yellow or gray black

On the one hand, it may be caused by tartar or tooth decay caused by the teeth not being cleaned for a long time! On the other hand, it may be that the old teeth did not fall off during the tooth replacement, necrosis and stinking.
** Progressive deterioration:
Dental plaque ⇨ tartar (bacterial breeding) ⇨ gingivitis ⇨ periodontal disease ⇨ tooth loosening and nerve necrosis ⇨ tooth falling
(Irregular arrangement of teeth is more likely to hide dirt and dirt, and it is more likely to have dental calculus if you don’t brush your teeth)
Solution: At this time, you need to quickly clean and go to a professional doctor to wash your teeth

Constipation, diarrhea, and sometimes vomiting

Gastrointestinal diseases or indigestion, just like humans, gastrointestinal problems can also manifest in the breath.
Solution: Probiotics can be used to maintain the stomach and intestines, and eat small and frequent meals to provide fresh and high-quality food

Vitamin B deficiency can cause bad breath

Solution: supplement vitamin B (there are many types, you can ask your doctor to supplement specific vitamin B)

Poor appetite

Tooth decay pain makes you want to eat
Solution: Go to the animal hospital for examination and treatment

Causes of bad breath

The food itself tastes strong

Some cats will not lose their mouths immediately after eating, and will easily smell. Drinking more water can solve this problem!

Canned or raw food

In addition to dry feed, other foods have relatively high water content and high viscosity. They are easy to adhere to the surface of the teeth over time, causing dental plaque, tooth decay, and severely becoming dental calculus or even tooth extraction.
On the contrary, the feed requires more chewing, which can increase the friction between the teeth and the feed, and is less likely to form calculus. However, the feed itself is too dry for cats that need to drink more water, and the nutrition is not as good as canned or raw food, so don’t just eat it. Eating feed can be eaten together.

Kitten changing teeth

The kitten will have bad breath during the tooth replacement period, and this state will continue until the tooth replacement will stop!

Stomatitis, oral disease infection

Will cause bacteria to grow and produce odor


Just like humans, the immune system declines when you get older, and the gums are prone to infection, so special attention should be paid.

Intestines and indigestion

Problems in the body will radiate from the inside out
** Normally, cat’s breath has some unique animal-specific odors, but if the odor is too strong or there is a peculiar smell, it is abnormal

How to prevent bad breath

Drink more water

Cat food refinement results in insufficient water intake from time to time, which not only affects teeth, but may also cause kidney disease. There are many ways to solve the dislike of drinking water, you can read this article for details. There are also special taste mouthwashes or health care liquids on the market, which attract cats to drink~

Brush kitten's teeth frequently

To develop a habit of brushing teeth, it’s usually easier for kittens to get used to brushing teeth from an early age, but it’s less accustomed to brushing their teeth when they are adults. Normally a minion can practice putting his hand into the cat’s mouth and let him Get used to this action.
There are many types of toothbrushes, such as finger cots, pet toothbrushes, pet toothbrushes and so on.
Usually some owners will use baby toothbrushes instead of pet toothbrushes. This is feasible because the small bristles of the baby toothbrush head are also soft, but the use of human toothpaste is not recommended, because the ingredients in the human toothpaste may cause the cat’s tongue , Throat, heartburn.
If you don't want to buy a toothbrush, you can wrap the gauze from the pharmacy around your index finger or a cotton swab. The cotton swab shaft can be chosen to be longer so that it can penetrate into the cat’s mouth. The only disadvantage of this is that it cannot be reused and is not environmentally friendly.
Usually one hour after brushing your teeth, you need to bring food and water out of the cat's invisible place to prevent the cat from eating the toothpaste enzymes into the stomach during the process of eating and drinking, and it is too late to work on the surface of the teeth.

Teeth Cake

A little hard and not easy to break, can let cats enjoy the fun of biting. By the way, clean the surface of the teeth.


Humans have mouthwashes, and cats too. Choose products that have passed safety tests and have simple ingredients.

Regular dental cleaning

Just like human, hairy kids also need regular health checkups, and of course their teeth are no exception. If you usually have the habit of brushing your teeth, go to the animal hospital every six months to show the doctor if you need to wash your teeth!