Pro-tips for pacifying your cats' emotion

Pro-tips for pacifying your cats' emotion
Cats are an animal that relies heavily on routines. In other words, they are sensitive to changes in the environment. It takes time for cats to adapt to unexpected changess in life (such as interior decoration, visitors, etc.). In view of this, we propose here some tips to share with everyone for relieving the cat’s nervousness

Soft music

The main appeal of "cat music" developed by foreign ethologists is to make cats feel happy and relieved.
In addition to the specific "cat music", you can also let the cat listen to harp performance. Because the harp itself has a wavelength similar to the cat's brain waves, thus increasing the relaxing effect.

Interactive game

A good interactive game can not only divert the cat's attention and emotions, but also allow the cat to release some emotionally stable pheromones during the game, which helps to relieve tension and anxiety.


When the cat is in anxious and fearful mood, the use of pheromones can have a significant effect.
At present, most of these artificial pheromones can be bought in pet stores and some animal hospitals. If the cat is nervous, you can spray a little pheromones on the room, blankets, and toys where the cat is located, but remember not to directly use the pheromones.
Do not spray it directly on cats.


Facing the emotional problems of cats, the most indispensable thing is the companionship of the owner.
Usually you should spend some time with your cat every day, talking to the cat softly, or gently rubbing the cat’s cheeks and back. These actions can make the cat feel at ease. Remember not to be anxious to make the cat happy and show exaggeration. Sound and movement.
These tips are not a substitute for medical behaviors. If the cat has disease and related behavior problems, you should immediately take the cat to the animal hospital for examination to avoid delays.