Tips to make cats drink more water

Tips to make cats drink more water
  • What to do if cats don't like to drink water?
  • What kind of water is suitable for cats?
  • How much water should a cat drink every day?
I believe that lots of cat owners are bothered by these problems. What should I do if they don’t like drinking water? If cats don’t drink enough water, they can easily have kidney problems in the future!
What we can do is to skillfully make them drink more water, never use forced watering.
This will only arouse the cat's disgust, and cause both the cat slave and the master to be physically and mentally exhausted.

Change to wet food

Because canned foods and raw foods contain a high amount of water, you only need to add some extra water to almost reach the standard. So you can add some water to your food to help your cat get enough water.
Adding too much water may dilute the taste of the food and cause the cat not to eat.
Therefore, the amount of water must be determined, and patiently try a lot to find a balance.
Cats that are accustomed to feed may resist and skip eating when they first switch to canned food or raw food. They must switch slowly and gradually. If they switch suddenly, some cats with sensitive stomachs may have diarrhea.

Clean water

Cats are very particular about the freshness of water. If the water is not fresh enough, they will not drink it. In order for them to drink more water, they must be diligent to change it every day (two or three times a day is better) to ensure that their drinking water is fresh enough.

Clean the container every day

If the water bowl is not clean, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause the water quality to be unclean. Therefore, the water container must be cleaned regularly so that the cat will not eat the bacteria while drinking the water.

Variety of water containers

Some cats are naughty and like to drink water from a cup, and some cats like to drink water from a basin. Each has a different preference. Therefore, cat slaves need to observe carefully and try in many ways to find the container that the cat likes and put it in. Well, then their chances of drinking water will also increase a lot.

Flowing water

Cats are always interested in flowing water, because standing water is easier to breed bacteria, so some cats prefer flowing water. It is recommended to purchase a cat fountain water dispenser or DIY viewing aquarium by yourself (don't put fish in it, you may be killed by playing), to increase the cat's interest in drinking water.

Increase the number of water bowls

The thirst mechanism of cats is relatively low. In order to increase the frequency of drinking water, cats can put water bowls where they usually stay and increase the number of water bowls so that they can drink as soon as they feel thirsty. Increase their drinking water.

The food bowl and the water basin should be separated

The eating bowl and the drinking basin must be kept separate. Otherwise, you may accidentally drop the food into the water basin when eating, which will affect the water quality. If the water is too dirty, they will not drink!

Different temperature water

Different temperatures of water may also cause cats to drink water, such as using ice water in summer and warm water in winter. Try a variety of ways to find the favorite temperature of the host. Like my Q Bao only drinks warm water, if the water is slightly cooler, it will not drink it.

Some water on the nose

Cats habitually lick the water off their noses, so you can use your fingers to spot water on their noses from time to time. Although the effect is limited, it is a little bit to let them drink more.

Non-staple food can

The non-staple food jar contains a lot of water, and the taste is more fragrant. Many cats love to eat it very much. It is a good way for cats to take in more water. But because the taste is heavier and the nutrition is relatively unbalanced, it can only be used as a supplementary role. It is not recommended to eat non-staple food cans at all meals, so that it will not cause the cat's malnutrition problem.

Polygonum cylindrica

If none of the above methods can make the cat drink more water, you can only use the killer trick! Add a small amount of "Mattenia" to the water. Mattian Liao can help cats increase their appetite, promote drinking water, and can also effectively relieve cats’ emotions.
Generally speaking, the amount and frequency of the cat's daily drinking water will not vary too much. If you find that the cat drinks more or less water than usual, pay special attention to the cat's illness. Many diseases will cause changes in the cat's drinking water, such as kidney disease, urethra, bladder infection, diabetes, or parasites, etc., which may cause this phenomenon. If this happens, it is recommended to seek medical examination.
When I first started raising cats, I was ignorant. I didn’t know that the water had to be changed every day or that the water bowl had to be washed every day. As a result, Q Bao didn’t drink much water. Later, after I started watching movies and reading books, I discovered so many eyebrows and corners. After trying all aspects, I realized that our family loves drinking water so much!
So as long as you try all the above 11 methods carefully, then letting your cat fall in love with drinking water will no longer be just a dream!