Useful Q&A for Cat lovers

Useful Q&A for Cat lovers

Q1. My cat will come to me herself for me to touch her. She seems to be very enjoying it. However she'll lick herself up the whole body immediately after I touch her, which makes me very disappointed. Is it me doing it wrong?

Do you feel too good about yourself? If others touch your head, you will want to tidy up your hair too!
There is no standard answer to this question, but if you think the cat is upset, it should be you worrying too much.
With all due respect, I often hear the owner say: "It's because I kindly touched him." I want to complain: "You feel too good about yourself, too!"
A kind veterinarian will say, "It's the other smell on your hands. Wash your hands before touching the cat." I will only give you one sentence: "Go and ask the cat how you want to be touched."

Q2. Some cats will cover the litter well after going to the toilet, but some will not. They are often seen desperately picking at the edge of the litter box. Isn't it instinct for cats to cover the toilet with sand? Why do some cats always cover badly?

Tell me why someone always doesn't flush the toilet?
First of all, some cats are born without sand. Although there is no clear research report, I personally think that cats have become less and less able to cover sand in recent years. Before cat litter was invented, people used riverside litter as a cat toilet. At that time, cats almost buried their poop.
In fact, cat litter that is too fine is not easy to clean. In order to facilitate human sorting, the particles of cat litter have become coarser year by year. After the cat litter type that is easy to clean is sold well, the manufacturers of course continue to introduce the same type of cat litter. Prepare dry, finer cat litter, and they may cover it well. There is an old Japanese word called "cat feces (ネコババ, nekobaba)", which means "trying to bury the evidence of doing bad things." It is said that it is derived from the behavior of cats burying their poop.

Q3. I know cats hate bathing, but it’s better to help them wash their fragrances?

You all know they hate it, so do you have to do it?
Is that cat smelly? Ligated cats usually don't smell, and if they smell, they must be very sick. Cats have underdeveloped sebaceous glands, and they will not taste as strong as dogs without taking a bath. Long-haired cats only need to be groomed, and they can be kept tidy without taking a bath. By the way, cats’ fear of water is a preconceived idea of many owners. Cats can swim, and the cats that live in Lake Van in Turkey also jumped out of the water to play. I think they are simply afraid of the sound of water from the lotus hair, right? It's the same as children who don't like bathing but like to play in the water.
Also, because cats have underdeveloped sebaceous glands, there is very little oil on the skin's surface. If you take a bath to wash off the protective film, it will reduce the skin's resistance. Some women’s faces are oily enough to make fried eggs, but those with oily skin are relatively less prone to wrinkles. Rather than bathing the cat, it is better to wipe the room with a damp cloth and clean up water-soluble dirt by wiping. For the cat's safety, mopping the floor frequently is the most important thing.

Q4. Is there any food that cats like but shouldn't be fed?

I beg you to put down the bonito flakes in your hands!
Food for cats must be fresh. Let me put it straight, for cats, oxidized food is like poison, and processed and dried foods have the problem of excessive salt, so they are not suitable for cats to eat. There are other foods that cats don't like, but you should be careful not to eat them by mistake, such as chocolate, tea, coffee, wine and other foods that humans often eat. The liver function of cats is different from that of humans and cannot decompose certain chemicals.
But the point of this question is still "think cats like it". The behavior of human beings who believe that "cats like" and feeding is a heavy burden for cats.
The owner's mentality that he sees the cat happily eating and feels satisfied comes from his own superiority, not his love for the cat. I hope that every owner can pay attention to the basic nutritional knowledge required by the cat and carefully choose the food to be fed to the cat.

Q5. There are all kinds of cat snacks on the market. Since there are so many types, I don't know which one to buy. Are there any recommended brands?

Cats disdain to eat snacks like humans.
I answer this every time. No wonder magazines don’t come to interview me now. No way, because these are all true words. In the past, when animal circuses were still popular, whenever animals performed successfully, they would be fed snacks as a reward. But if you have seen the Russian cat circus, you will know that cats are not easily caught by snacks. At this time, if you are a scholar who is popular with the public, you will use a softer way to say: "With the benign stimulus given to Xiaohui, it is impossible to establish an intimate relationship with a cat." If I want to speak, I prefer to use it. "Tool man" and "cash machine" describe this relationship.
In the era of the bubble economy, a boyfriend who was only responsible for inviting the woman to dinner was called a "cash machine." From a male's point of view, you might find it worthwhile to bring your companions to a high-end restaurant to dine. But if you ask the woman: "This man is only useful for you to have a full meal. It's impossible to communicate further?" The woman nodded firmly. The same reason can be proved that cats will look down on people who feed frequently. In the eyes of cats, this person is just a servant in charge of serving meals. I believe women can understand what I mean....