What to know when choosing your cat's bowl

What to know when choosing your cat's bowl
Choosing the wrong cat bowl might make your cat skip meals?
How to choose a cat bowl? Should the cat bowl be tilted?
Cat Bowl Selection Guide
No plastic materials
The plastic bowls on the market have various shapes, light materials, and low prices. Why not choose them?
The texture of many plastic products is not hard enough. During cleaning and use, scratches are easy to occur. Some scratches are very subtle and difficult to detect with the naked eye. Therefore, it is easy for oil stains and bacteria to get stuck in scratches and cannot be completely removed.
After long-term use, some cats will develop cat acne! It is the small black spots on the chin, which can cause skin redness, swelling and inflammation in severe cases.
As for the material selection of the cat bowl, ceramic, glass or stainless steel is recommended. It is easier to clean and not easy to scratch, and it is also convenient for heating.

Avoid Bowls that are Too deep or too small

When eating, the cat’s beard will be very close to the mouth of the bowl. At this time, the size of the mouth and the depth of the bowl will affect their eating comfort!
The whiskers of cats are actually very sensitive. In addition to measuring distance and sense of space through their whiskers, cats can also detect airflow, which is like a navigator for cats.
If the cat's bowl mouth is too small when eating, the whiskers will feel pressure from the edge of the cat's bowl, which will make the cat feel uncomfortable, and even cause some cats to be reluctant to eat or move the food out of the bowl with their hands.
Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a cat bowl that is not too deep and has a large mouth. Many cat slaves will buy two different bowls for use in different situations. You can use them with a little depth for eating feed and drinking water. Avoid the feed from falling out; while eating cans, you can use a shallower bowl, which is better if you tilt it slightly.

The taller, the better

For bowls placed directly on the floor, some cats are prone to choke or choke when eating too quickly. Therefore, many people choose a bowl with a height or use it with a cat bowl rack.
After the bowl rack is high, in addition to avoiding the cat's choking condition, it is said that it can also make the cat eat more easily without bending over.

Tilted design is convenient for eating

Some cats have relatively flat faces, like flat-faced cats. It is inconvenient to eat and drink with a normal bowl, and it is easy for the nose to directly touch water or food, which is very uncomfortable.
Choosing a bowl or a bowl rack with a sloped design can make it easier for them to eat without affecting their breathing. It can also concentrate the food and make it easier for the cat owner to eat.

Is the material anti-termite?

Some cats are accustomed to dividing the food into several times to eat. Sometimes they will attract ants. Seeing a cat bowl full of ants, in addition to the goose bumps, they will secretly feel a pity for the unfinished feed!
If there is an ant crisis at home, you can choose an anti-ant placemat or an anti-ant bowl, and most anti-ant bowls are made of plastic.
Some people will also make a shallow water tray and place the cat bowl in the middle, but this should pay attention to the weight of the cat bowl, and avoid the cat bowl from floating due to the buoyancy of the water. Sometimes cats who eat more rudely will accidentally hit them. Turning over, it becomes messier.
Choosing the right cat bowl, make your cat eats more comfortably!

Key Takeaways

When choosing a cat bowl, just remember a few key points-"
  1. The material should be ceramic, glass, stainless steel.
  2. The bowl should be shallow and large, better with height and tilted design