Why does my cat scratch the wall?

Why does my cat scratch the wall?
Don’t cats look super cute when they scratch the wall? 
Or wait…
Are you someone who considers cat scratching annoying because of the unpleasant consequences you have to deal with?
Whichever category you fall into, remember, if you are a cat owner, scratching is a little part that comes along with cats, and there is NO way to get rid of it because it’s innate in them. 
There are ways to redirect your cats from your walls and furniture and reduce the scratching by taking a few measures.
We have discussed below the reasons why your cats scratch and the measures you can take.

Why Does Your Cat Scratch?

  1. That’s their Place!

From humans to animals, everyone loves marking their territory. And everyone has their ways to claim their place.
When cats scratch, their scent glands release a scent, and they leave marks on the wall to show you and other kittens it’s their zone!
  1. They Need Comfort

Cats find comfort in scratching. When your feline friend is scratching, she is anxious or stressed out either out of fear or some unusual activity in her surroundings.
Scratching de-stresses cats, and they get back into their comfort zone.
  1. They are Exercising

Animals are intrinsic to their needs. If your cats need to stretch, they will consider scratching walls a great option to flex and give their claws some physical activity. 
Indoor cats need more physical activity than cats who spend their time in backyards.
  1. They are Self-Maintained

Cats maintain their claws by scratching. To keep their claws functional and healthy, cats need to scratch their claws. 
This also keeps cats’ claws sharp as the outer week layer of the claws sheds, and a new sharp one takes its place.
  1. They Need to Express

Cats might either be bored or excited, and they need to express their emotions. This is another reason why cats scratch. 
Cats also utilize their energy by scratching.

Measures to Take

  1. Get her a Cat Scratcher

Cat scratchers are a great way to keep your cats away from your walls and furniture and fulfil their scratching urges. 
Check out our extensive range of cat scratcher, scratching board, and other accessories that will provide your cats with some great outlets for scratching.
  1. Trim their Nails Up

Groom your cats regularly. Regularly trimming their nails will reduce their scratching desires and keep them away from your walls.
  1. Try Nail Caps

Nail caps are vinyl pieces shaped like cat claws. Don’t worry; they are absolutely safe for your cats, they are vet-approved, and they are highly functional.
Nail caps are glued to cats’ claws with some type of gum. They protect your walls from all scratch damages.
  1. Visit a Vet

If your cat is scratching more than usual, there may be an underlying medical condition. You need to pay a visit to your vet right away.

Summing Up

There is so much to love about cats! From their innocent purring to their playful tricks, there’s everything that makes you love them more every day!
Sometimes, your cats’ scratching the walls and furniture may make you agitated. But the right steps can help you and your cats to cope up with this problem. 
Follow the aforementioned tips to help you sort out.
PS: Never punish your pet for any unwanted behaviour; I repeat, NEVER!