Pet Advice

Essential cat supplies

  • Utensils and water cups: ceramic and glass products are recommended; the water cup should not be transparent or reflective
  • Cat food: Wet food is a must, because cats are most likely to have urinary tract & kidney problems due to insufficient water intake
  • Cat litter and cat litter box: For the first time, it is recommended to buy a large, open cat litter box + unscented mineral sand (unless the cat uses another kind before, you can continue to use it~)
  • Cat scratching board: cheap scratching board made of corrugated paper, which is generally accepted, so it is recommended to buy this one first
  • Cleaning supplies: Nail clippers are safe, and grooming appliances have different personalities for each cat. Try it out. For brushing appliances, you can first use your hands to wrap gauze to train and clean (or you can buy various appliances to try...)
  • Cat toys: The basic feather cat stick is a cheap and practical good thing. In addition, it is not recommended to buy laser products (laser pens and the like) for cats to play with
  • Going out of the cage: sturdy, hard, not easy to break through the cage for cats to go out
  • Cat Jumping Platform: Essential for Multi-Cat Family
  • Make your home a safe environment for cats: super important! ! !
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Cats are an animal that relies heavily on routines. In other words, they are sensitive to changes in the environment. It takes time for cats to adapt to unexpected changess in life (such as interior decoration, visitors, etc.). In view of this, we propose here some tips to share with everyone for relieving the cat’s nervousness
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The digestive system of cats is very different from that of humans.
It is important to understand this so that you can avoid any digestive problems with your cat and find out when problems may arise. Foods that you seem to be delicious may cause your cat to suffer from chronic stomach problems and may even be poisoned.
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Choosing the wrong cat bowl might make your cat skip meals?
How to choose a cat bowl? Should the cat bowl be tilted?
Cat Bowl Selection Guide

No plastic materials

Avoid Bowls that are Too deep or too small

The taller, the better

Tilted design is convenient for eating

Is the material anti-termite?

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