Cat Beds

It's always tough to figure out how and when to buy a gift for your cat, but Petiopet is here to make things easier! We all know as soon as we go in the door our cats are going be right there waiting for us. And all they want is love. So why not find them something that will cheer them up? Something that will remind you of the good times you two have together every day? Our premium beds have their own cozy, padded spots for your cat to curl up in at home or on trips. These durable beds will keep your cats feeling secure and warm!

If you own a pet, you have to make every possible effort to treat it like your own child. Apart from taking care of nutrition, clothing, and shelter, it’s worth thinking about your cat’s comfort. There are several ways to provide sufficient comfort to your cats –a cozy, soft bed is the perfect example.

Cat Bed Provides a Peaceful Sleep!

We spend sleepless nights if the bed isn’t right, the mattress isn’t soft, and the bedsheet isn’t cool. Pets cannot speak to express their desire and tell that they are not comfortable. You have to take care of this thing by choosing the best couch for your cute little kitten. There’s nothing better than providing peaceful sleep to your furry friend.

Sufficient sleep promotes good health, better conduct, and optimal behavior. You can have quality time with your cat only when it’s in a good mood –followed by sound sleep. Pets usually suffer from anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders, just because they cannot sleep well.

Especially in winters, your cat needs best heated cat bed that provides extra warmth and comfort. There are reduced chances of getting a common cold and fever in the winters.

Never Share Your Bed with a Cat!

No matter how much you love your cat and how much groomed it is, after all, it belongs to an entirely different species! It can harm you, scratch you, or even infect your sleeping area with germs. Moreover, once you let it sleep on your bed, cats start feeling like it’s their own territory, and they tend to dominate the place.

When your cat is angry or agitated, it can even don’t let you come into your room and may attack you when you’re in. So it’s always worth designing a separate cat bed house equipped with some toys and other necessities.

The Versatile Designs of Cat Beds

With the increased demand for pets’ furniture, the manufacturers have developed some innovative and stylish beds. The most common beds are donut-shaped with raised rims and natural fiber-filling material. This design ensures optimal head and neck comfort with deep cervices for curl-ups. They are usually available in oxford, plush, and polypropylene cotton to stay easy on the cat’s skin.

Moreover, cat bed cave designs are an ideal 2-in-1 combination of bed and blanket that ensures optimal warmth during winters. The excellent coverage provides that your kitten is safe and stable. There are some animated bed designs, sleeping pads made from memory 3D foam, and patented radiator beds for cats available in the market.

Cat Beds at PetioPet

Starting from ultra-soft sleeping pads, mattresses, hammocks to the donut-shaped beds, deep cave designs, and collapsible tunnel tubes, PetioPet really takes care of your cute little kittens. They also offer some cooling sleeping pads for summers and covered winter blankets to ensure optimal comfort.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy platform to purchase a high-quality bed for your kitten, there’s nothing better than PetioPet. The material they used is furry, soft, and pet-friendly, and the prices are pretty budget-friendly.

Keep your cats warm and cozy on the cold days and cool on the warm days by choosing the right type of bed. If your cat is comfortable in its sleeping area, only then will it be healthy and buoyant. Despite the design, never compromise on getting a high-quality material –a pet-friendly grade.

How To Clean A Cat Bed?

Are you tired of your cat’s hair and the bad odor left on the cat’s bed? If so, the cat bed needs a gentle wash. But, how to clean a cat bed? Can you wash it? If these questions are circulating in your mind, keep reading further and know the exact way to clean a cat bed.


The pre-cleaning process of the cat’s bed requires you to remove the hair. This step is essential as you don’t want the hair to clog the drain or the washing machine dryer. You can use any pre-cleaning methods mentioned below or all three to make sure your drains don’t clog with cat hair!

Put it in the dryer.

If your cat bed is dryer-safe, you can follow our technique for removing the hair. Clean the lint catcher in the dryer. Put the cat bed in the dryer and set the timer for 10-15 minutes. Then, choose the no-heat air-dry setting and start the cycle. Stop the cycle in the middle and clean the lint catcher again to ensure that the cat hair doesn’t cause coagulation. Once complete, you’ll see the cat bed has fluffed up, which will make it easier to remove the hair.

Shake the bed

Take the cat bed outside and shake it gently to make the hair prominent. The loose hair is easy to get rid of. You can also tap the bag with your hand to loosen more hair. Now, wear a glove on your hand and pick up all the loose hair. Don’t forget to throw it right away!


An effective but costly method for removing cat hair is using a vacuum cleaner. This option works best if your cat sheds a lot or you are afraid of dander spreading around. Make sure to wear gloves before using the handheld vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners also have a separate tool for removing pet hair. You can sprinkle baking soda on the bed and leave it for a few minutes before vacuuming it. Using a crevice tool, first vacuum the sides and nooks of the cat bed. It’s time to hover the vacuum cleaner over the bed using a crevice tool or a vacuum hose. In this way, you can remove all the cat hair left on the surface of the bed. For better results, you should clean the surrounding area as well. Fleas and cat hair might fly away with air, and cleaning the surrounding can make you get rid of it completely. In the end, don’t forget to dispose of the dust carefully from the vacuum bag. Due to the chances of flea eggs remaining in the bag, always wear gloves and clean the bag immediately.

Brush the bed

After vacuuming or shaking the bed, you can also use a lint brush to remove any hair that might be left. A lint roller covered with sticky tape is another alternative. Brush the bed thoroughly to make sure that no hair remains. Once done, your cat bed is ready to go in the machine!

Washing the cat bed

While many people might not know, you can wash a cat bed in a washing machine. The process makes cleaning a cat bed a lot easier. However, you still might need to consider a few things here: Remove any stains or dirt already present using a bristle brush. Removing dirt and feces is essential to prevent them from clogging the drains later. Also, make sure you are washing the cat bed separately. Mixing it with other clothes is not a good option at all!

Method 1

Wash the bed in the machine

Fill cold water in the washing machine and dip the cover and mattress in it. When it comes to the selection of a detergent, you need to be careful. Cats can get allergic to the scents and dyes added in regular detergent. So, a better idea is to buy a pet-safe detergent from the market. If the stains are tough, you can wash them using two cycles. Otherwise, one washing cycle is enough. After the wash, using a softener is another excellent idea. When the fabric becomes soft, it will remove the cat hair easily. If the mattress is washing machine safe and small enough to get into the washing machine, you can wash it with the cover.

Kill odors

Vinegar is the best choice for killing bad odors in cat beds. It is also useful for killing fleas. For killing fleas, soak the cat bed cover in warm water for almost one hour. While rinsing, you can add a cup of vinegar. It will neutralize the bad odors and kill bacteria.

Dry the cat bed

When the cat bed is washed and all the stains are gone, it’s time to dry it. You can dry both the mattress and cover in a washing machine dryer. However, make sure to keep the setting low.

Method 2

Wash the cat bed by hand

Separate the cover and mattress of the cat bed. Make sure that no debris or cat hair remains. Fill a bucket with cold water and add three to four tablespoons of pet-safe detergent to it. Then, soak the cover and mattress in the solution and leave them for a few minutes. Now, it’s time to rub and wash the cover with your hands. You can also use a brush to remove tough stains. In the end, using a softener is an excellent choice to make the bed soft and comfortable for the cat.

Air-dry it

Most cat beds aren’t dryer-safe. So, you can squeeze the water out after washing. Then, hang the cover to the clothesline. For the mattress, you can slide it on a chair to let it air-dry.

Final thoughts Cat beds get dirty quickly, and you need to wash them after a week or two. To do this, you can use any of the two processes we’ve mentioned. Also, cleaning the cat bed is essential to keep your cat healthy and safe. The bacteria and fleas need to be removed, and it’s only possible by washing the bed. So, make sure you don’t show negligence in this matter!