Cat Trees

Cats are happy, curious little creatures. They enjoy stretching out up high and watching the world go by from a safe distance. Petiopet cat trees provide your kitty with an inviting place to relax while being conscientious of their safety at all times! You’ve never seen a cat tree like this before, Petiopet offers your favourite cat the chance to climb among all kinds of fun, playful antics.

Why Do Cats Need Cat Trees?

Loving a furry friend comes with responsibilities, and if you want to make it worthwhile, you need to shoulder these duties appropriately. Especially if you are a cat owner, you will know that cats require attention. And most importantly, they love their own space to sleep or relax, away from their owners.

Cat lovers are always searching for new toys or new treats to spoil their pets. And being a kitty enthusiast, you might have heard about cat trees and wondered if your companion might need them as well. Well, we are here to answer ‘’Why do cats need cat trees?’’.

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a cat-friendly tower for cats to play safely, and it comes in different shapes and sizes to fit all types of cats. Cat trees are made to fit the cat's needs. The structure should serve the cat's use, including lounging, climbing, and scratching. 

It is called a cat tree because it has the perfect height level for cats to enjoy like it is their tree. In short, this is a small tower built to fit your furry friend.

Why Should You Buy a Cat Tree?

A cat enters as a pet but never stays as one! It becomes a friend and a family member. It is because of your emotional support and sense of responsibility. A cat tree is an act of care, from you to your cat. Also, it might be a protection against scratched pillows and sofas as well. Whatever your reason might be, we always advise their usage, and here's why!

Provides Them With Personal Space 

Cats are known for being "private" during particular times of the day. Disturb them while they're having their moment, and they might bless you with a few scars. It is because they need their ‘cat time’. A cat tree will be heaven that they can mark as their sector and enjoy their company.

Entertains the cat

Most cats try to entertain themselves with house furniture, which may destroy your home. The cat tree will solve the issue and be their playground instead.   As scratching the furniture may make it useless, the cat tree will entertain the cat while satisfying its desire to scratch things.

Maintain the Cat’s Health

Cats sleep most of the day if they are bored and don't have any physical activities. It can result in an obese kitty. And however cute, obesity is never a good choice. It impairs their health, making them prone to several diseases. Having a cat tree will help your cat to exercise and maintain good health.

Prevent Cat Anxiety 

Yes, some kitties get anxious about loud noises or new people in the house.  The cat tree will provide the kitties with a sense of safety in these types of situations. It is safe not only for your cat but your guests as well. Although the cat might seem to stay private, playing with the cat tree will make it feel safe and comfortable.

Show That You Care 

Providing your cat with a cat tree is a form of caring. It is an affectionate way to show your cats that you care, and they will make sure to reciprocate the sentiments.

Cats Like To Show Dominance

All cat owners can agree that cats like to be the king/queen of their place. Cat trees are considered the castle of cats. They mark them as their territory by spraying their scent on them. For a cat, it is the same delightful feeling as we feel upon owning our own house.

Cats Enjoy Heights and Climbing

Cats like to climb heights where they can enjoy an aerial view of the place. Also, they love climbing in general! Usually, the cat tree structure is located near the window, giving them a natural connection and entertainment while home alone. 

What Type of Cat Tree Should I Buy?

You should choose one which goes along with the size of your cat. Got a big friend? Most big cat owners wonder if there is a cat tree for large cats, and the answer to that is yes. There are large cat trees for large cats to enjoy. Similarly, you can find smaller ones as well.

The Takeaway

Cats can be the perfect pets for most people but still need special care and love. As a cat owner, you are responsible for providing a safe and comfortable environment for your cat. Another element that will aid your cause is the cat tree.

The benefits they offer can convince any cat owner to buy them!