Cat Toys

Your cat is going to love these quirky and unique toys. Literally anything can be used as a toy for your furry friend, but that doesn't mean those boring old shop-bought ones are the best option! With Petiopet we provide creative alternatives, Plus they'll enjoy hours of playtime with all their new toys. Cats secretly crave new toys! We've got some crazy ideas on how to keep your kitty entertained.

Why Are Cat Toys Important? Top 8 Benefits!

People owning cats for several years cannot neglect the importance of cat toys. However, we often see novice cat owners asking questions like ‘’Why are cat toys important?’’ 

Undoubtedly, cat toys offer numerous benefits to the health and development of your cat. Owners usually give toys to the kittens to make their development process easier. Also, the toys keep the cat occupied, and it enjoys its own company. So, we can say that cat toys are necessary for every cat. Let’s discuss the benefits of different cat toys that lead us to say this.

Satisfy the hunting instincts

Cats and dogs are naturally carnivores and have hunting instincts. But, we provide them food and shelter in the house. So, how do they satisfy their hunting instincts? Cat toys are an excellent solution for this! Different types of cat toys are designed especially for the hunting instincts of the cat, which also help in stimulating the development.

Build confidence

Every time your furry friend wins the game while playing with cat toys, it builds up its confidence. This victory also encourages the cat to play and learn more. Interactive cat toys have also proved beneficial for newly bought or rescued cats. They often feel afraid in the new environment, and some cats can take a long time to get adapted to living in the family. They also don’t socialize with other cats, which can be worrisome for the owners. So, they opt for cat toys to build confidence in their cats. Every victory while playing makes the cat happy and opens the doors for building confidence.

Keep the cat active

Like kids, cats can stay happy and active while playing. As cats are prone to obesity quickly, playing with toys can keep them active. You can use catnip cat toys or wand toys to keep your cat busy. The more it exercises and moves its muscles, the better it is for your cat’s health.

Stimulate brain development

Kittens often play with cat toys to aid in brain development. When they play different kinds of games when little, they become mature, sensible, and active cats as they grow up. Puzzle cat toys and treat balls are highly beneficial for stimulating brain development in cats. When they solve different puzzles and use techniques to get the treat from the ball, it allows them to improve their mental skills.

Relieve stress and anxiety

Like other pets, cats can also suffer from anxiety and stress, whether separation anxiety or moving to a new place. Cats also tend to hide when something’s wrong with them. In this case, cat toys can help them get rid of depression. Stuffed cat toys play a huge role in getting rid of stress. You’ll see your cat continuously biting the toys to make itself calm. So, stuffed cat toys are also essential to add to your cat toys set.

Keep the cat busy

Busy cat owners are always worried about their cats when they leave them alone in the house and go to the office. The best solution to this is also some good cat toys. When the cat becomes familiar with the toys, it will treat them like family. That’s also a reason most cats keep their toys with them while sleeping. Interactive cat toys keep the cat busy while alone in the house. The owners also don’t have to worry about their cat getting bored. So, cat toys are an excellent way of getting rid of boredom!

Strengthens the muscles

Cat toys aren’t only beneficial for brain development. They play a massive role in strengthening the muscles of the cat as well! They tend to keep the cat busy and active. Instead of lying in the corner all day, it moves around the house while playing. This strategy makes the muscles strong and keeps the cat active. If you cannot take your cat out for a walk or make it exercise daily, make sure to buy cat toys that do this job for you! By living a healthy and active lifestyle, your cat will stay away from diseases.

Promote bonding

When you introduce your cat to your friend or move to a new place, your cat may have difficulty adapting to the change. Many cats feel afraid to meet strangers, and sometimes their owners as well! When you play with your cat using its toys, it can make the bonding process a lot easier. Although it may also take time, your cat will feel safe with you. When cats become friends with their owners, they also ‘’hunt’’ the toys and give them to their owners as a gift, making their bond even stronger.

Final thoughts

The energy, enthusiasm, and activeness your cat gets by playing with cat toys can make your day! We have mentioned the importance of cat toys to help new owners. So, make sure to buy different kinds of cat toys and keep your cat happy and healthy!