Petiopet is proud to announce that we are now selling Dog Collars & Leads. We know how hard it can be to find quality products for your dog, but we have done the work for you! Browse through our amazing collection and see all of the different collars and leads that we offer. Whether you need a basic collar or one with extra features like reflective strips, adjustable sizes, or matching leashes for convenience - we have what you need! We have sizes available for every breed, so no matter what type of Collar or Lead you may be looking for, there is one just waiting for you here at Petiopet.

Cat collars are useful for cats that not only keep them safe, but give them a unique identification to stand out from the rest. Similarly, cat harnesses offer maximum convenience while minimizing the stress on the cat's neck. And your furry remains active and healthy all day long. Here at PetioPet, we are dedicated to providing dreamy cat collars, cat harnesses, and related accessories that your kitty will love wearing. From plain cat collars to patterned collars, flea collars, and reflective ones, there are various sizes, designs, and colours to choose from. So now your cat can enjoy their everyday adventures with ultimate comfort, safety, and style! Our cat collars and harnesses are designed especially for your adorable cats.