Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Automatic Cat Water Fountain

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Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Give Your Cat That Constant Stream Of Water They Always Want

More Than 3000 Domestic Cats Die at US Homes Each Year Because of Poor Hydration and Kidney Related Issues!

Kidney Diseases Will Likely Impact 1 in 3 Cats or More. Kidney Disease Tends to Hide Until it's Fairly Advanced..

Our Fountain Encourages Your Fur Babies To Drink More Water. This Prevents Potential Health Issues for Years to Come! Let's See How:

Drink well water fountain benefits:

 Cats LOVE to Drink From it and are Interested in the Soothing Sound Of The Falling Water! Cats Always Prefer to Drink Moving Water to Still Water.

 Promotes Hydration: A continuous source of fresh running water encourages the cats to hydrate themselves more often which prevents the occurrence of kidney and urinary tract issues.  

 Water Level Window with Blue Light: It comes with a led light indicator that lets you monitor water level easily at a glance. 

 Fresh & Clean Water: Your cat will always have clean water, thanks to the triple carbon activated filter that filters out dirt, hairs, and bacteria

 Super Quiet: You can leave this on throughout the night in your bedroom and you will not notice it!

 Compact Enough: Designed with a compact size having 2.4 ltr water tank that sits in the corner of the room!

 Made with Food Grade Material: Keeping all health standards in mind, this pet fountain is made with BPA-free food-grade material to keep your cat free from any risk. 

 3 Water Flows Settings: Adjustable to suit your cat's desires. You can alter the flow of the water to your personal liking.

 Lasts For Years and its Easy to Clean. Get Extra Filters for the Fountain to Last Longer with Fresh Water.

Take a look at what Dr. Rose had to say:

The fact of the matter is that cats have an instinct to drink running water and to have such device in your home, it will definitely help our cats and keep them hydrated.

Also, the problem with plastic bowls is that the water loses it’s taste after a couple of hours.
With the fountain, water is being constantly circulated which means the water doesn’t lose taste! "
No other water fountain can boast the safety credentials of the Drink Well Water Fountain.
It fully encourage your cat to drink fresh flowing water and prevents your cat from potential health issues for years to come. 
In the end, nothing is more important than the safety of your cat.


Package includes

  • Cat Water Fountain
  • 1×Charcoal Filter
  • USB cable
  • English User Manual
  • Package box
How to use
1. Assemble the shell and bowl,put the pump in the right place
2. Insert into drainage column and put the drainage disk
3. Place filter onto drainage disk
4.Put the color shell and drinking tray,plug power cord

Size: 188*188*149mm
Material: PP Resin + Stainless Steel
Weight: 0.6 - 0.9kg
Capacity: 2.4L / 80 Oz
Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Power: 1.5W