Rewards Program

Unlock exclusive rewards and perks with Petiopet Rewards Program.

👉  Sign up now and get an instant 20 Pet Points for FREE! 👈

🐾 Access Petiopet Rewards Program with the "Rewards" button on the bottom right 🐾


🐶 Referral Program

When you refer a friend, they get £10 coupon and you get £10 coupon. Learn more with the "Rewards" button on the bottom left.


😺 Pet Points

Earn Pet Points for different actions, and turn those Pet Points into awesome rewards!


🐶 Ways To Earn Pet Points

1) Sign up and get an instant 20 Pet Points
2) Earn 1 Pet Point for every £1 spent


😺 Ways To Redeem

To redeem your Pet points into coupon, simply go to the "Ways to redeem" on the rewards panel.

🐶 10 Pet Points = £1.00😺