DIY Pet Feeding Reminder Dogs Cats Magnetic Sticker Sumait as shown
DIY Pet Feeding Reminder Dogs Cats Magnetic Sticker Sumait
DIY Pet Feeding Reminder Dogs Cats Magnetic Sticker Sumait
DIY Pet Feeding Reminder Dogs Cats Magnetic Sticker Sumait
DIY Pet Feeding Reminder Dogs Cats Magnetic Sticker Sumait

DIY Pet Feeding Reminder For Dogs&Cats with Magnetic Sticker

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1、asy Feeding Record Card: These sliding buttons can help you and your family keep track of when to feed the dog. Green means that the dog has been fed, which is a good way to help us with our pet responsibility.
2、lti-purpose Use: Suitable for reminding pets such as cats and dogs, or children and the elderly to feed, take medicine and help us record whether other projects are completed on time.
3、Prevent Obesity or Overfeeding: Remind to prevent overfeeding, 2 times a day to prevent your pet from overeating and reduce the risk of obesity.
4、Various Titles to Choose From: You can choose the most suitable title to paste on the reminder and write down the pet's name. Even with multiple pets, you will not be confused.
5、Easy Installation: Made of high-quality ABS, it can be attached to the surface of the refrigerator or ceramic tiles, there are four magnets on the back, and two stickers can be placed on non-metallic surfaces.
1. Easy Feeding Record Card: These sliding buttons can help you and your family keep track of when to feed the dog. Green means that the dog has been fed, which is a good way to help us with our pet responsibility.
2. Multi-purpose Use: Suitable for reminding pets such as cats and dogs, or children and the elderly to feed, take medicine and help us record whether other projects are completed on time.
3. Prevent Obesity or Overfeeding: Remind to prevent overfeeding, 2 times a day to prevent your pet from overeating and reduce the risk of obesity.
4. Various Titles to Choose From: You can choose the most suitable title to paste on the reminder and write down the pet's name. Even with multiple pets, you will not be confused.
5. Easy Installation: Made of high-quality ABS, it can be attached to the surface of the refrigerator or ceramic tiles, there are four magnets on the back, and two stickers can be placed on non-metallic surfaces.

Material: ABS and PP
Size: about 16*12*0.85cm/6.30*4.72*0.33 inch
Weight: about 120g
Function: remind to feed cats and dogs and other pets/children and elderly to feed or take medicine/other notepads.
Use: use simple color coding to help track whether the goal is completed, twice a day, after completing the goal, move the slider to the right.

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